How to Set Goals to Achieve Financial Success and Balance

How to Set Goals to Achieve Financial Success and Balance

We hear a lot about the importance of setting goals and how they can assist us in achieving your dreams. Although we know it is essential for us to set goals, it isn’t always clear how to set goals. What does successful goal setting look like?


As it turns out, there are proven goal setting best practices to assist you in establishing clear goals and then taking the necessary steps to follow through. Setting successful goals is more complex than just brainstorming, and the process involves being consistently mindful of what you want to accomplish.


We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to! While it may seem difficult to set, maintain, and achieve your goals, the goal setting process is quite simple. Here are our top methods for setting your goals and attaining your objectives.

Write Down and Revisit Your Goals

According to the Gail Matthews Goal Research Summery and as quoted on KathKyle, “People who write down their goals are 20% more successful in accomplishing them than those who did not.” That’s a significant percentage!


Jotting down your goals solidifies the targeted tasks and gives you a clear vision of what you need to do to be successful. Furthermore, goal setting by writing down the tasks allows you to regularly revisit and remember what it is you want to accomplish.

Setting Goals that Are a Challenge

It’s been proven that setting more rigorous goals is more effective than establishing easy goals. With that being said, it is important to remember that the goals you set for yourself should always be realistic and achievable.


As reported by an article published by the American Psychological Association titled Goal Setting and Task Performance, “results from a review of laboratory and field studies on the effects of goal setting on performance show that in 90% of the studies, specific and challenging goals led to higher performance than easy goals.”

Immediately Take Steps Towards Your Goal

In an article written by Annabel Acton at Forbes, the importance of taking immediate action towards your goals (after they are set) is discussed and analyzed. It is determined that you are more likely to achieve your goals at a quicker pace if you take immediate tiny steps towards your goals.


Even taking the tiniest baby steps right away towards your goal can significantly contribute to your chances of achieving your dreams and improving your life. Instead of going through the goal setting process and then waiting for the right moment to start, it is more efficient and proactive to hold yourself accountable to taking that first small step.

Final Thoughts

The research is undeniable that people who set goals and tasks are significantly more successful than their peers. Goal setters are also reported to live a more balanced and healthy life. Check out the benefits you can reap by writing down challenging goals and revisiting them until you’ve accomplished your dreams.

How Goal Setting Can Improve Your Life:

  • Achieve More Than the Average Person
  • Reach Financial Success More Quickly
  • Increases Motivation and Drive
  • Discover Life Balance and Contentment


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